How Rhode Island Fell to the Coronavirus

How Rhode Island Fell to the Coronavirus

The numbers began ticking up in September. After a quiet summer, doctors at Rhode Island Hospital began seeing one or two patients with Covid-19 on each shift — and soon three. Then four. Cases climbed steadily until early December, when Rhode Island earned the dubious

Quarantine Made Me Long for Painful High Heels

Quarantine Made Me Long for Painful High Heels

The fantasy repeats. I am in a crowd, nodding but only half listening to the conversation Painful High Heels. The liquid in my glass has warmed to an unappealing temperature. My feet hurt from impractical shoes — maybe heels, maybe some kind of heavy, embellished

Extend your summer look through winter

Extend your summer look through winter

If you miss your summer look, beach hair, and bronze glow, and it’s cold and dark outside, you may have to wait another half-year to get that look back naturally. No need to worry though, there are several products out there that will help you

"Top 10 Cosmetic brands of 2021"

“Top 10 Cosmetic brands of 2021”

Cosmetic brands of 2021, we need to choose a quality product for us. For some girls who choose non-standard cosmetics, it can cause allergies, irritation and clogged acne. We have introduced the top 10 brands of cosmetics to introduce you to each other. Both high-end brands And a

10 "Serum anti-aging" skin care for people aged 30+

10 “Serum anti-aging” skin care for people aged 30+

Serum anti-aging, anyone starting to enter age number 3, the skin that was once beautiful. Will start to feel that it has change a lot Both felt that the skin was drier The pores are enlarge, and suddenly, acne pops out! No, girls. Don’t let yourself get old and get

Total 5 "Nail maintenance serum

Total 5 “Nail maintenance serum

Ladies who love beauty, must have done nails. Which when we do nails often Some people develop fragile, brittle nails easily. Or some people have severe symptoms like nail fungus infection. Nail maintenance is essential. Because it will make the girls Have strong nails and I don’t have to worry about

5 Techniques for styling "flared jeans" in 2021

5 Techniques for styling “flared jeans” in 2021

Now vintage clothes are returning to the trend again. These cool items from the ’70s -‘ 80s come back for us to miss. On top of that, it also helps create a new 2021-style look without having to dig into a new closet. Or if you can’t find

5 "benefits from eating breakfast"

5 “benefits from eating breakfast”

Eating food In addition to choosing foods that are healthy Do you know that not missing breakfast will also reduce your body’s risk of developing disease as well? Many people don’t eat breakfast, and that is. Increase the chances of poor health and the risk of getting many