A Collection Of Interesting Postgraduate Dissertation Topic Ideas

Choosing your dissertation topic may be one of the most difficult choices of your academic career. This paper will take months, if not years, to write, and will be the final piece toward gaining your postgraduate degree.

Of course, choosing your topic will be determined, to a great degree by the your work focus to date, as well as by the recommendation of your advisor. Here are ten of the most interesting topics we've seen recently from postgraduates.

MBA Candidates

  • - Issues surrounding organizational growth and relationship to business performance – Look at the challenges faced by businesses undergoing rapid growth.
  • - How Business Process Reengineering affects organizational performance - For this topic, complete a case study of a business that introduced process reengineering a few years ago and track how it affected performance in the near and long term.

HR Management Candidates

  • - The main factors of employee retention- Choose an industry or type of business like call centers or manufacturing plants and look at the factors that influence employee retention and turnover.

Psychology Candidates

  • - The relationship between working memory and attention – Evaluate how our memory affects attention span and focus.

Sociology Candidates

  • - Identifying the social characteristics of families prone to domestic violence – Look at the factors that routinely show up in families dealing with domestic violence.
  • - Exploring social alternatives to crime prevention – Examine whether methods other than punishment and incarceration might be effective in reducing crime.

Engineering Candidates

  • - Process improvement techniques for identifying and reducing waste – Choose an industry and examine ways that waste can be identified and reduced.
  • - Controlling efficiency through metering – Look at new metering technologies and how these can increase efficiency.

Law Candidates

  • - How terrorism has affected international law- Examine how international law has adapted with the "war on terror".

Finance Candidates

  • - Brexit's Impact on the Global Economy – Evaluate the expected affects of Brexit on the world stock market and economic conditions.

Library Science Candidates

  • - Library Developments in Third World Countries – Impacts and Challenges – Pick a third world country and evaluate the efforts to add libraries to schools and communities in that country.

Education Candidates

  • - An evaluation of extra curricular activities on academic performance – Analyze a school system or school's population to see how students who participate in extra curricular activities' grades compare to students who do not.

All of these examples of dissertation topics offer an interesting and valuable topic for consideration. Work with your advisor to pick the perfect topic for your perfect paper.

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