What Is A Good Dissertation Introduction Example And How To Get It?

Many graduate students will spend the greater part of a year or more researching and writing their dissertation and by the time they get to write the introduction – which many students do last – it’s hard to wrap one’s ideas around what a good introduction should look like. A highly effective technique for crafting a proper one is to learn by example. The following explains what a good intro looks like and how you should go about acquiring one:

  • What goes into an introduction?
  • Unlike an abstract an introduction does more than summarize the major contents of a dissertation, it also provides answers to questions like “Why are you interested in doing this academic study?” and “What do you hope to achieve in doing this academic study?” In essence, you are providing background information that explains why you feel compelled to do this work and why it will is important within your disciplinary area. Your introduction will also point to your hypothesis and explain why you believe it will achieve this outcome. While the rest of the dissertation should be straightforward in the way it is written, the introduction should add a bit of your own personal and intelligent guesses in answering the major questions surrounding the study.

  • What stays out of an introduction?
  • Now, as for the things you should not include in an introduction include the research methodologies, the results, the discussion, and so forth. In some disciplines a brief mention of available literature (or lack thereof) related to your topic can be included in the intro, but nothing as comprehensive as the bibliography which is a separate section that goes at the end of the document. Just remember to think of your introduction as a beginning to a journey, where too much detail will leave no incentive for the reader to go on.

  • Where to get a good intro example?
  • There are a number of places where you can get a dissertation example to reference as you write your own. The most convenient and number one choice for students is to hire a professional writing service to procure a copy written from scratch. A similar choice is going to a freelance academic writer to do the same. Both work pretty much the same and require you to do some background research to ensure the person who will be doing the writing is experienced with this kind of assignment.

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