Excellent Marketing Dissertation Topics To Choose From

Writing a dissertation on marketing is a daunting task requiring a deep understanding of the subject, doing thorough research, and the ability to formulate clear conclusions. As with other theses, the first step is choosing a thought-provoking and relevant topic which will keep you interested and motivated throughout the work process.

A List of Marketing Dissertation Topics That May Give You a Start

  • How do companies encourage spending with the help of loyalty cards?

  • Are there any ethical limitations in the brand marketing strategies?

  • Marketing online: Are Internet marketing schemes successful?

  • Modern marketing techniques: Does demographics play any role in some of them being less or more successful?

  • How have online services changed the marketing industry?

  • How does product quality affect customer loyalty?

  • Do leading brands have the best products on the market?

  • What role do innovations play in sustaining brands?

  • Can unethical behavior affect a brand image?

  • Is there any connection between brand image and its availability?

  • What is the difference in customers’ response to short and long-term offers?

  • Are customers knowledgeable as far as protecting themselves from dishonest marketing tactics is concerned?

  • The relation between the length of a message and its effectiveness in direct marketing.

  • How do countries use national culture and traditions to promote their products?

  • Can word-of-mouth communications negatively affect sales?

  • How does gender affect the behavior of consumers of luxury goods?

  • The impact of socio-economic status on typical buying behavior.

  • The advantages and disadvantages of the overt international pricing strategy.

  • How have spam laws affected marketing ethics online?

  • Why do some controversial marketing strategies work whereas the traditional ones fail?

What You Should Know Starting to Write Your Study

The list of topics in marketing could be much longer and there is no point in limiting yourself to the ones mentioned above. A good way to generate your own dissertation topic may be to think about the strategies leading world producers employ and try to encapsulate them and their effects in one sentence. If you still have more questions than answers, click here to have expert writers invent an excellent topic or even write the whole thesis from scratch for you.

Marketing borders on many fields and is at the same time a relatively new field of knowledge. You will have to mostly rely on empirical findings as the amount of theoretical data is not big.

Regardless of the topic you choose, you will have to carry out deep and thorough research in order to substantiate your position with strong evidence.

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