Efficient Advice on How to Write A Mental Health Nursing Dissertation

A topic appears like a few words chosen to sit pretty on your cover page or be a running header. However, there is more to the few words than you might imagine. A topic determines the impression a reader has immediately he lays his hands of your paper. As such, a title will either make or break your paper. Here are some of the most interesting nursing dissertation topics to consider.

  1. Fresh directions on managing patients in ICU.
  2. Risks and issues when managing prostrate cancer patients.
  3. Clinical handling of the psychosocial needs of drug dependency patients.
  4. Self assessment and decision making among patients.
  5. Public health promotion and its effect on hospital admissions.
  6. The place of public health policy in stopping obesity in children.
  7. Poverty and its relation to childhood diseases.
  8. The public health concerns in diabetic cases.
  9. Community nursing services in care of elderly people.
  10. The responsibility of community nurses in enhancing the quality of life for chronically ill patients.
  11. The role of nurses in accompanying expectant woman.

There is more to writing a nursing dissertation than choosing a great title. Here are tips that will make your paper outstanding.

  • Create an Outline
    This is a map for your paper. It outlines the ideas you are going to explore and the order in which they appear. An outline also indicates the resources such as books you intend to use in supporting your arguments. This is an effective tool in ensuring that you do not miss a point or repeat what is already discussed. By organizing your paper through an outline, your arguments will flow logically and thus be interesting to read. .
  • Proper Formatting
    There are two main formatting styles. You will most likely be asked to use MLA or APA format. Learn the rules of each and use the format consistently. Mixing the two formats will only lead to confusion. Ensure that citations are placed proper based on their sources and full details provided at the references section..
  • Research Thoroughly
    A nursing dissertation requires verifiable facts as opposed to heresy and opinions. The facts can only be obtained from extensive research from credible books and materials. Get recommended reading materials from your supervisor, the library or from credible databases. Take note of authors who support your ideas and those who do not. Each category is important in justifying your position..

Fresh and unique nursing dissertation topics in community health will make your paper interesting. Consult your committee and supervisor to make sure that your topic is researchable and also get suggestions or quality resource materials.

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