Techniques for placing bets on Dragon Tiger online

playing Tiger Dragon is considered to be the most mischievous card game of online gambling. Until unable to make any collage that has it all. Many people use the technique of viewing the cards of baccarat ufabet to help. for the author himself I’ve tried this method as well. The answer is that it can and does not exist. The important thing is when the cards don’t fit the formula. also can’t check that it doesn’t fit the formula because it’s different,

so if looking at the deck must play consciously. If Khon enters often, it follows Khon, for example, if the tiger wins in two eyes. and transformed into a dragon that wins one eye switch back to tiger. Players have to decide how often Khon is reissued. If more than 50 percent is considered a chance. At least it’s a principled risk. And there are more chances, etc.
Card counting techniques for the goal of winning bets

If anyone is a card counting master, blackjack or baccarat, meets the Dragon Tiger, it may not be possible because the Dragon Tiger has his own counting technique. Which is very detail Until the point of having to write down counting cards in the game. The popular dragon tiger is counting cards and counting numbers.

1. Counting cards for investors who want to expect results in the matter of betting. The principle of viewing the cards Personally, the author has not seen the exact result. It is just a guess of the probability only. For example, if in a short game of about 20 games, about 10 spades or more are issued. Opportunity to take out red hearts or diamonds In the next game, there will be higher as well. 

2. Count the cards in a high and low way.It is a card counting that is mainly used for high and low bets. Therefore, this card counting is consider to be the most effective card counting in Dragon Tiger betting. Due to its easy counting principle, cards from Ace – 6 are consider low cards. The cards from 8-K are consider high cards. Investors will use this technique when they want to bet on whether the tiger or dragon on either side will issue a high card or a low card. Don’t let bad luck go out at 7, otherwise the dining table will gather at the table. It means that if you bet in a high and low manner, if the card is out 7, you will get eaten for free.

3. Count cards like blackjack.It is similar to counting cards to play high and low. But it is wider because when betting on Tiger Dragon He mainly uses face cards such as J = 11 Q = 12 K = 13 does not hit Mao like Baccarat. Where cards from 10 or more are consider blind. Or in a game of blackjack where all English characters are equal to 10, this card counting is a broad card counting to look for more playing opportunities. The blackjack card counting technique is similar to high and low card counting. But the author sees that the results are quite low because before starting the next game There will always be 1 card being drawn first without us knowing the number we are counting suddenly. He draws something and throws it away.

Techniques for placing bets by looking at statistics, known as long-tailed tigers or long-tailed dragons

The word history always repeats itself and applies to all situations, even playing casinos. This phenomenon of long tailed tiger or long tailed dragon. Always visible but no one knows how long it is The author has heard from the mouths of popular gamblers. Playing the dragon tiger is one’s life that a phenomenon known as a tiger or long tail dragon. Occurs only when the cards come to one side in a row for 5 or more eyes. The highest ever counted is 20 eyes.

Therefore, the technique of playing when this phenomenon occurs is that after the 5th turn, repeat bets on the winning side in succession. Keep one side until it loses, then go back and look at the new release statistics. The portion will be more or less. Well, it’s up to merit to deliver. but for sure and if any card has a long tail phenomenon occurring Most will not be once. That means you can watch. And may not have to wait up to 5 eyes according to the formula.

Always stabbing techniques

As I said from the beginning, playing always is consider to be playing with a lot of sound. Because there is a chance of losing is higher, if it is Dragon Tiger The opportunity to get it is much more difficult than baccarat, but in any case. There are also some probabilistic principles that allow risk-averse investors to hold onto. because if you notice carefully A draw will have a greater chance of exiting when the Dragon Phenomenon occurs. or a long-tailed tiger

So it’s not surprising if we see investors sticking long tails. together with the result always. Because if it’s really a draw, in addition to losing only half the bet Still getting money from a tie bet 8 times, so this principle is similar to playing roulette that has a red-tailed or black-tailed roulette. Which will bet with Teng 0 itself

Dragon Tiger Recipe Table Typical payout play

How to Bet on Tiger Dragon Online Gamblers cannot play Tiger and Dragon bets simultaneously. This table will help players to better read the results of playing Dragon Tiger.