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Fluid White Diving Into Pale Liquid Liner

Fluid White Diving Into Pale Liquid Liner

When it comes to white eye liner, we’ve already got you covered on the basics. A pencil or gel formula is ideal stroked along the waterline. But with a new wave of liners available in free-flowing formulations. THE MILKY MARILYN Nothing says bombshell more than Marilyn Monroe’s

Quarantine Made Me Long for Painful High Heels

Quarantine Made Me Long for Painful High Heels

The fantasy repeats. I am in a crowd, nodding but only half listening to the conversation Painful High Heels. The liquid in my glass has warmed to an unappealing temperature. My feet hurt from impractical shoes — maybe heels, maybe some kind of heavy, embellished

5 Techniques for styling "flared jeans" in 2021

5 Techniques for styling “flared jeans” in 2021

Now vintage clothes are returning to the trend again. These cool items from the ’70s -‘ 80s come back for us to miss. On top of that, it also helps create a new 2021-style look without having to dig into a new closet. Or if you can’t find

7 "shoe trends of 2021" for every fashionista

7 “shoe trends of 2021” for every fashionista

When you wear good shoes It will always take you to a good place. We would like to introduce seven shoe trends from the Sping / Summer 2021 runway that will take everyone to the start of the new year 2021 in the wild. The return of


“Balenciaga Fall 2021” Collection. On The Virtual Runway

Balenciaga Fall 2021 Collection Balenciaga Fall 21 collection, on display in December 2020, marks the first time in off-season shows. It has evolved from the summer 21 Pre-Collection. As many brands release new collections. Through various platforms whether it is a limited fashion show virtual fashion show Or short film But

“Short Hair” Trends for 2021: Chic Short Cuts

Short bob hairstyle The short bob hairstyle is one of the most basic short hairstyles that many people hit. Especially young short haired girls. Because short bob hairstyles are simple yet chic, anyone can cut them chic. Whether it be short bob, earlobe length, or chin length. Cut