The “Handbag Trends” for 2021

At this point, who really knows how often we will be relying on our handbags as much as we used to? But if I know you all like I think I do, it’s safe to assume that no matter what the new norm ends up being, buying cute accessories will always sound like a good idea. With that said, ahead you will discover the five spring handbag trends we’re guessing we will be seeing everywhere next year. Featuring designers from Fendi to Hermès, I can guarantee one of the new styles below will get you more than excited for the season ahead.

Close to the New Year again. It’s time to update the trend again. This time we will update the trend of handbag together. Because handbags are a must-have item for women, and having one piece is never enough. Even if we have many bags, but when carrying many times are starting to get bored, which if any girl who is looking for a new handbag to use to fix boredom. Let’s try to update the bag trends of 2021 before deciding to go shopping.

Update 4 Women Bag Trends 2021

1. Neon coulor

Start the first trend with a cool color like a neon bag. This striking color must definitely be pleasing to the sour girl. If you like, girls can look for a neon-colored bag at Versace or go to Fendi.

2. Water Bottle Handbag

Not a normal handbag But it is a bag for carrying a water bottle. Because society has begun to pay attention to the ban on plastic, many people are turning to stainless steel water bottles. It was able to fill many times with drinking water, so Chanel and Fendi saw this idea and designed the bag to accommodate it.

3. Extra Large and Oversize Carryalls

There are (very) big totes that can fit anything or oversize bags, the trend of 2021 bags like this will focus on leather and metallic materials. Can be made as a solid shape, or can be a little deformed Which when it is a big bag Like this, it can be used by women. Men can use it as well.

4. Front and Center

Small and compact crossbody bag When carrying, the bag will come in front of us. It is different from other shoulder bags. It is called a trendy bag that is suitable for active girls or boys. Who doesn’t like holding anything much Because this kind of bag allows good mobility.