“Balenciaga Fall 2021” Collection. On The Virtual Runway

Balenciaga Fall 2021 Collection

Balenciaga Fall 21 collection, on display in December 2020, marks the first time in off-season shows. It has evolved from the summer 21 Pre-Collection.

As many brands release new collections. Through various platforms whether it is a limited fashion show virtual fashion show Or short film But nothing beats the Balenciaga Fall 2021 collection that comes in the form of a really playable video game while also offering clothes. And also hides some information sent to the audience when the game is over.

December 6th, the first day of the release of Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow. A video game designed exclusively for this season. The game itself and the collection envision. Used to make the material look as though through use. Reinforces the concept of wearing clothes for decades And endless reuse or reinterpretation of forms (repurpose).

Suits and coats are designed to be worn in any location. Tailored suit made from jersey fabric through a stone bleaching process. A suit that looks as though it has been heavily used, communicates a worthy fit. It also comes in a special tailor made from stretch mesh fabric, perfect for specific activities such as hiking, hiking, cycling and more.

In the future the clothing qualifies only to be worn. Could be more. Different is the same item And when real fur is no longer suitable for the new generation. 

To create the interest of the work that requires careful consideration. The cargo shorts designed to stay on the jeans.

Balenciaga the collection reflects the values ​​of the younger generation who want to keep their clothes as long as possible. Or even a used NASA astronaut shirt.