7 “shoe trends of 2021” for every fashionista

When you wear good shoes It will always take you to a good place. We would like to introduce seven shoe trends from the Sping / Summer 2021 runway that will take everyone to the start of the new year 2021 in the wild. The return of thick heels. What trend will be like? The updates do.

1. Slippers worn outside the house

This year everyone started working from home at home due to the Covid-19 quarantine, which is why the slipper has returned to the runway. The designers therefore intend to design these shoes so that they can be worn out of the house as well.

2. Sour Boots

Prada offers runway riding boots in the most chic context. In a sense, appease Fashion Stuff to do this look inviting style recalling the chic beauty of the rose of England, Princess Diana. That we can dress up without being tedious.

3. Sandal, comfortable and minimalist

A view of the woman’s clog sandals Will have to change These shoes are transformed by designers to transform them into fashionista-worthy shoes by adding high heels and embellished with luxury crystal embroidery details. Suitable for wearing to show off the new toenails in the salon. 

4. Back to school with the trend of student shoes.

This trend is sure to please the preppy ladies, as even the fashion house giant Gucci tells us to match our Mary Janes everyday look through the brand’s latest runway collection. But if you want to raise the bar, you have to find stylish socks to wear together. 

5. Howdy! The cowgirl is back on the runway

Watch the movie ‘Little House on the Prairie’ or ‘Indiana Jones’ to create a mood and find inspiration for your next cowboy-style boot After the trend of gold jewelry has become a hot trend. 

6. Chain Shoes

The gold chain has spread to the trend of shoes and b 51y these shoes have been transformed with an ankle chain. Or use a chain to decorate the shoe No matter what look they wear, they look pretty glam. 

7. Trekking shoes for strong women.

The trend for thick, durable or hiking shoes is just as hot as any other trend these days. Believe that if you scroll through your Instagram feed, you will see fashionistas and infants. Luencers wear these shoes a lot. The main reason why this shoe is so flattering is that no other shoe can be as comfortable and chic at the same time.