5 Techniques for styling “flared jeans” in 2021

Now vintage clothes are returning to the trend again. These cool items from the ’70s -‘ 80s come back for us to miss. On top of that, it also helps create a new 2021-style look without having to dig into a new closet. Or if you can’t find it from the mother’s closet, it might have us to try on, try styling more and more fun. Flare-leg jeans are what we are currently introducing as an outfit idea that will make you both chic and vintage and look stylish. A great item more than 40 years ago. Today, the cool from the old age items are creating the fashion world for everyone again.

1. Let Be Knitted

Looks strong with this jeans, we would not recommend many noticeable things. But what we want to do is choose to match with a long-sleeved knitwear. Loose-fitting silhouettes don’t have to be tight, showing off much proportions. You don’t have to worry that wearing a loose shirt will interfere with the slim thighs that are too slim from the pants. Because with the silhouettes of the legs that gradually Flared to make the shirt loose and pants matched, with the thighs as a break point, adding even more curvy proportions. If you want to get your legs stretched, long and loose, we recommend a pair of tall boots. Or, if you want to focus on both the pants and the shirt more clearly than putting the shirt in the pants, you can bring a belt to match another look. Now you can get both vintage and contemporary looks in one look.

2. Groovy Flare

 If wide-leg pants or wide-legged pants don’t feel vintage enough Look later, we took out “Flare Jeans” or what Thai people in the past had said that “Bell-legged pants” comes a new styling in the year 2021, the interesting thing is the tie type shirt. It can be anywhere from the waistline or even the V-Line at the front. Massage with bell-leg jeans The tie and loosening points of the shirt go well with tight and airy pants, each part is different. And if anyone is worried about not wearing a lot of fasteners, can they? We say no worries, as this silhouette is free to choose the width, width and lightness of the styling. If you are wearing a slightly loose fit Or the fabric is not very tight, it can be done without even less strange.

3. Flare on Flare (or Raffles)

 If a few basic items might offend the sour lady who wants to look chic and stylish but don’t want to carry more than 4-5 items, so for this group of girls, they have to meet with clothes. Few but more details This look, in a slightly vintage style, is to choose a top with built-in details such as a black pattern, with a draw technique, or if you want to mix and match with a match. To match it would have to be a shirt with wide sleeves and pants. This look has thin lines. Between old fashioned and vintage chic Caution is personality, shoes and, most importantly, makeup. Because if these days, it would not have been the focus of the ’70s, but we could mix it up a little bit. And maintain a normal daily dress code This will get a look with a vintage scent that is deliberately reinterpreted.

4. Denim on Denim

     Simplicity always creates a dimension of noticeable shouting. Another look for flared jeans is the total top and bottom denim style. Of course, the floor standing item must be a wide leg pair of jeans. If you can choose, we recommend a slim fit but not a skinny fit. Matches with the denim top in a similar shade. If you don’t want to layer too much, it’s a denim shirt. But if you want to layer it to add some extra dimension to your look, you can layer a t-shirt or shirt inside of a denim jacket. An important tip is the bag that will help deliver the characters of the girls. To be more pronounced Especially the top-handle handbag, dark or fresh leather material. And don’t forget to be this dressy, you also need to enhance your attitude as well.

5. P (l) aid Me For Styles!

 Finally, we add a touch of elegance to the wide right-end jeans with a feminine look who love to wear outerwear. The fun is in mixing and matching. We saw a pair of denim jackets. Saw the maximal line already This look combines an elegant simplicity with a flair that hides a bit of charm. The highlight of an item to match with vintage jeans is the plaid jacket.We recommend choosing brown or other warm tones. To contrast with the blue of jeans If it’s a collarless jacket, it can be interesting to pair with a t-shirt But if you want to wear a blazer-style outerwear We want to choose a little oversized. Match the shirt and style the shirt collar outside. Glasses and bags will add a flair to perfection. Anyone who likes this style, try to dress it up. I guarantee that it looks good and stylish as a fashion girl.

     All of them are just the idea of ​​styling a wide leg jeans look for girls only. Fashion is a matter of personal taste. And individual differences are the right to freedom of choice. Choose what you like and best suit your body and style. We hope these five looks will start as an idea of ​​bringing back an old item in a closet to be modern again. Everyone enjoyed the dress up from this post.