“How to Healthy Eating”, Eat Well is Beneficial

Sometimes trying to healthy eating is beneficial. Is something that is quite tiring. Because of all the taboos to eat, not eating here is not good. Makes it feel that our life is more difficult until we give up on the intention before we can really do simple changes in eating habits can help us keep us healthy without having to buy.

Start the day with breakfast 

If you don’t have time to eat a big breakfast look for foods that are easy to pick up, such as yogurt and ripe bananas. Which banana is a source of protein, vitamin A, C, B1, B2, B6, in addition to the benefits, it is not fat as well. Breakfast is a meal that helps the digestive, absorption, and metabolism systems in the body work efficiently. As a result, you can eat less other meals,

change little things, such as snacks, into useful ones

The prohibition of eating little things during lunch Or eating snacks before bedtime or during the drama is difficult. Because it can be counted as a character that we do without knowing We replaced them with high-fiber fruits. And has a better substitute for vitamins because of the research, he said that eating multiple meals does not cause obesity. But we are fat from the fact that in 1 day we eat unlimited calories. Eating more than the body’s metabolic capacity

Turned to some vegetarian

Right now, the trend of eating vegetarian food on one’s birthdays is on the rise. With the beginning of the idea of ​​making merit in 1 week or 1 month, we may choose one day that we will eat vegetarian food and intend to make it. Eating vegetarian is like detoxing your body. Plus get happiness mentally Improved mental health

Chew food more slowly

Nowadays, we may not notice ourselves that eating a meal we spend a lot of time very quickly instead of drinking low on flavor. Then quickly chewed and swallowed And eat them first Which if we try to slow down to chew food The more finer chewing will help make the food more easily absorbed by the body. The stomach does not have to work hard. And also help calm and relax the mind as well

Try to eat every food category

We may not like to eat certain foods. Some people do not like the taste of certain foods. We do not have to endure to eat it. But you can go find other foods with similar values ​​to come and eat Because instead of forcing the mind to stress and reject it Instead of improving health, but getting worse.

Drink enough clean water

If there is no time to drink during the day Suggest to try drinking water 1-2 glasses a day when waking up and 1-2 glasses before going to bed, because in the morning the blood concentration is high. Our body will feel dehydrated. Before going to bed, drink 1-2 glasses of water to wash away residues in the intestines and stomach.

Change yourself to be a fitness lover 

However, even if you are eating good food But exercise is also a powerful magic drug that can help slow down the disease. We don’t need to go out for a run. Or go to the gym every day But with just 10 minutes of free time during the day, you can do a simple exercise or use the stairs to climb up and down between floors.

Healthy eating It’s good to be determined to do something new, like wanting to change yourself to a new person. But if done on the basis of stress of pushing yourself too much Will make you feel unhappy Efforts will not be effective. Therefore, to change yourself, if you gradually change the little things, do it into a routine. I believe that good health, calm mind, good feelings will definitely come up with us, eat Well is Beneficial.