5 “Eating Healthy” Tips: How to Stay Healthy

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In addition to regular exercise, you can also exercise regularly. Eating is equally important for health, but when it comes to healthy foods, many people feel that vegetables and cereals are not as important as they are. It’s not delicious, hard to eat, limit the amount of food to less, it’s hungry. It’s stressful and burdensome to live more than usual.

In fact, eating healthy is not difficult. Don’t even switch to vegetarian or clean all meals. Just know how to choose these 5 main foods, so you can enjoy eating delicious food alongside your health.

1. Know the time

Many people may know that breakfast is the most important meal and not to eat late at night, but sometimes the lifestyle during rush hour is not conducive to eating breakfast at all, and before you give up work, you are too hungry to sleep, so you need to eat something that can be eaten at a certain time.

The word Breakfast, which means breakfast, is derived from the meaning of Breaking the Fast( stop fasting). Which tells us to end the condition that the body fasts all night and then begins to eat the first meal of the day in the morning, as the body is always energy-intensive during sleep.

In the morning, the body needs energy from food so that the system of the body and brain can function normally. People who eat breakfast regularly will be able to control their weight better than those who starve breakfast. Reduces the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and high blood sugar.

People who use energy to work or do a lot of activities tend to eat three meals a day, namely breakfast, day and evening, but for some people who spend quite a bit of energy.

If you eat three meals and feel heavy each meal, you can take four to six small meals a day, or eat a little less for lunch than breakfast and eat fruit and cereal as a snack during the day. The allocation of food time depends on the right amount and ease of daily life.

The last meal should be eaten at least 3 hours before bedtime and abstain from snacks with a high sugar contend. As the dessert will increase blood sugar levels. As a result, the body produces less melatonin hormones, causing problems with sleep. In addition to not sleeping enough, you can feel exhausted in the morning throughout the day. Adequate relaxation also affects the brain, learning and memory. This can also affect the body in the long run.

2. Know the volume

To find the amount of eating to maintain your weight or shape to the standard. First of all, it’s important to understand that eating as much energy as your body’s energy can be accumulated in the form of fat for the mind group, but for calculating the calories of each meal may be misguided by how it is cooked and do not know the ingredients used in detail.

Therefore, counting calories is not only tricky, it may increase the stress of living. Is it better to understand the amount of food that is suitable for a simple meal with the naked eye, so don’t worry about calories anymore?

Quantity per meal for women 1 carbohydrate, 1 hand, protein, 1 palm, 1 handful of vegetables, fat 1 thumb, meal per meal for men Two carbohydrates, two palms of protein, two handfuls of vegetables, two thumbs, or simply doubling the size of a woman’s hand. You can use your own hand size as a standard.

3. Know the components

When the time and dosage are appropriately arranged, You should also know what to eat. Considering what to eat is beneficial to your body, see if we look at that dish or dish. Do we know what food comes from? For example, 1 dish of pineapple fried rice consists of rice, shrimp meat, onion, sweet peppers, cashews, shredded pork, coriander.

But if it’s a processed food or a snack, it’s a good place to We often don’t know what all the ingredients are and what the production process is. If you have a chance, you should find time to cook yourself or go home to eat with your family, which is where your mother chooses the ingredients by herself.

Prepare the ingredients with care and always cook them freshly. You can also choose from fresh ingredients. This makes it possible to eat food that is safe and clean. It can also control the amount of fat used for each cook.AdvertisementReplay Ad

Even if you can’t cook at your own, you should choose to eat freshly cooked food. Avoid eating processed foods, from snacks such as sausages to instant noodles, for example, because most processed foods contain high sodium content and use chemicals and additives.

4. Know how to eat a variety of

People who have done all three things, and explore yourself if you’ve eaten a variety of foods. Eating a variety of foods means eating multiple categories and eating different types of foods in the same category, such as whether each meal is fully eaten.

What types of starch-based carbohydrates are eaten each day? What kind of meat protein is pork, chicken, beef, fish or tofu, and eat yellow, green, orange and red fruits and vegetables. purple color, etc.

For those who like to eat repeat food, such as traditional noodles. Fried rice with fried basil and fried egg will give you a variety of nutrients, but eating a variety of nutrients will result in the body’s exposure to a variety of nutrients. In addition to being complete.

There is no indispensable nutrient deficiency that can not be obtained from a single type of raw material. It also allows the body to use nutrients effectively, such as calcium, to be better absorbed if the body receives magnesium. Therefore, when eating vegetables or milk that contains calcium, but do not eat fruits that contain magnesium. The body may not be fully used.

5. Know the balance of power

Despite being advised of the amount of food that should be given each day, Finally, no one knows the body as much as yourself.

  • Age
  • Shape
  • Height
  • Sex
  • Lifestyle (or energy-intensive/low-energy activities)
  • Overall Health

Therefore, eating a healthy diet in the right amount to meet the needs. However, data from The American College of Sport Medicine (ACSM) indicates the amount of energy that should be given each day is that women, should receive at least 1,200 calories a day, and that men should not be given less than 1,800 calories a day to provide enough energy for their body’s system.

For those who want to control their weight and limit their intake to a daily basis. Do not eat too little food until the body receives less energy than recommended. In addition to having an impact on daily life such as dark Dizziness, not much of an idea. It is easy to get irritated, and it has long-term effects on long-term health.

While the body does not receive enough energy, the body enters energy saving mode. Store fat and remove muscles. Chemicals in the body are unbalanced, malnourished. There is a risk of pain in the joints, gallstones, etc.

If you know that Eating delicious and healthy food is not so easy, you’ll be ready eating a healthy the right way, right?