“10 Ways to Escape Back Pain”, Say Goodbye to Pain

Back pain can happen to anyone. When it occurs, it will ache repeatedly. Which is definitely not good So today we have 10 ways to escape back pain, let’s try and apply them together.

10 ways to escape back pain

1. Slimming to help reduce the weight-bearing muscles and spine. The ideal weight can be calculated simply by taking your height minus 100 (for men) and women minus 110.

2. Optimize posture Sit on the back of the chair. If lying down, find a pillow under the knee to adjust the spine to the floor. But if lying on your side, put a bolster under the upper leg To keep the spine and muscles straight.

3. Choose table-chair-bed as if the table is too high or too short When working, you have to raise your arms high.. To help gain weight properly Not tired when sitting in bed Choose a mattress that is soft but firm, the bed surface will not sag, because it will bend the back. And finally back pain

4. Problem Shoes The sole of the foot is the load point. Therefore, the insole should have a contoured support that is appropriate for the shape of your foot. For example, if the arch is flat, the shoe must have arch support to help support the orthopedic instep. Must have a sufficiently high paw support To help divide the weight of the heel and the side of the foot, women who wear high heels cause anomalous figure while standing because they have to bend their back to adjust their balance in the center of gravity. Make the calf muscles, thighs And hips to bear heavy weight and back pain, which should be avoided. But if not avoided Find time to rest your feet by wearing flats or taking off your shoes periodically.

5. Stoop-up, can’t be neglected, should lower the knees and lift things on the floor. This will help your back muscles and spine not have to carry a lot of weight. So no back pain If choosing to use the standing method There is a risk of developing a spine or intervertebral disc. Very dangerous

6. Stress back then pain. Stress causes stiffness and pain in the upper back and upper back muscles. Just relax, it’s gone.

7.How is calcium? If the bone mass is thin, it can cause back pain because the bone is carrying a lot of weight. Therefore, it should be supplemented with enough calcium from a young age.

8. Exercise can help. Lie on your back, knee high. Then lift the shoulders up like a sit-up, contract for 5 seconds and then relax down and do the same 10-15 times a day to help strengthen the abdominal muscles and flat stomach. Can help support the spine when supporting the weight

9. How to take care of yourself when back pain? The best way is to lie down. By lying on the bed, standing still as little as possible If back pain is normal Doing this in just 2-3 days will be much better. Or you can use heat compresses, aromatherapy massage, oil massage to help relax the muscles. Because it can be harmful to the bones and muscles that cause disease is also possible. And if using sleep method for more than 3 days and then not recover, you should consult a doctor.

10. Back pain is severe, see a doctor. If the pain level is compared to 0 – 10, then you can analyze that your pain level 7-10 should not be silent. Need to see a doctor And if the back pain occurs along with pain in the legs, arms or limbs, numbness and muscle weakness. Tripping, unable to lift legs, unable to lift arms, see a doctor immediately This is because pain may be due to other internal causes, such as the spine or intervertebral discs that compress the nerve.