5 “benefits from eating breakfast”

Eating food In addition to choosing foods that are healthy Do you know that not missing breakfast will also reduce your body’s risk of developing disease as well? Many people don’t eat breakfast, and that is. Increase the chances of poor health and the risk of getting many diseases. Let’s see what are the benefits of eating breakfast. Because if you already know this way You will turn to pay attention to eat more breakfast every day sure enough.

1. Breakfast enhances brain function

Whether going to study or work We have to use all the strength of the brain. And if we do not have breakfast at all The brain will become weak. Does not work well Make the memories system Learning skills or even emotions can be frustrating. Irritability and exhaustion And less concentration, too, so if you eat it These symptoms will definitely disappear

2. Helps prevent obesity

Eating breakfast can help prevent obesity and control your weight. Because during the night we sleep plus in the morning if we do not eat at all. That means the body has to fast for almost 12 hours. The bad effect is that it will result in lower blood sugar levels. And to increase the likelihood that you want to eat, but the food, energy and high-fat lunch and dinner, the more the girls to body weight and risk of obesity, ultimately

3. Reduces the risk of developing gallstones

If there is no food in the body for more than 14 hours, the cholesterol in the gallbladder will coagulate for a long time. And if left for a long time, it will become a stone. Except if you eat breakfast The body will stimulate the liver to release bile. Then the bile will dissolve the cholesterol that has gathered together to fade away. This will help reduce the risk of getting gallstones.

4. Lowers the risk of heart disease

A 2003 study from the American Heart Association found that people who eat breakfast regularly each day lower the risk of stroke and heart disease. Because in the morning the blood concentration is quite high This causes a sticky selectivity and is difficult to transport to the brain. If the more viscous, the heart may be blocked. But the viscous blood level will fade when the body gets breakfast.

5. Reduces the risk of diabetes

People who eat breakfast every day The body has an abnormality from the hormone insulin, known as insulin resistance. The cause of diabetes is reduced by 35-50% ever, so It is valuable enough to reduce the risk of diabetes higher than people who do not eat it.

These are all the benefits of eating breakfast. Who doesn’t want poor health Risk of various diseases Whether they have heart disease, diabetes, gallstones and obesity Tell me, breakfast is powerful. So how can you miss eating it, right?