Teach your child to speak with 5 techniques

How do you train your child to speak? For any parents who I want my child to speak quickly And have good speaking skills. Today we have a way to teach children to speak for ยูฟ่าเบท you. But what techniques are there? Let’s see.

Teach your child to speak with 5 techniques

We believe that all parents would like to see their children grow up to their age. healthy body and have good development especially the development of language and speech Many families have to face problems with children refusing to speak or speaking slowly, causing parents to be very worried. How to train your child to speak It’s fast to leave. For any parents who want to know how to raise children to speak fast and have good speaking skills Let me tell you that you shouldn’t miss it.

When should a baby start talking?

          language development of children It starts from the moment they cry until about 2-3 months they begin to mumble. seems to be talking Developing until about 5-6 months, the child will begin to play with saliva, blowing his mouth, including making a sound from the throat. and eventually developed into meaningful words Most of them start from about 10-15 months, or on average about 1 year old, they will begin to speak in meaningful words. In which children will be encouraged to speak or learn a language from their parents. And the vocabulary will gradually increase gradually. When the baby is about 2 years old, they will start to say words that have 2 meanings in a row in short phrases such as where to go, don’t take, papa, mama, etc. You can start speaking in long sentences around 3-4 years old.

Reasons for slow speech

1. Your child lacks language stimulation. Proper use of language is essential to speaking. But if the child does not have the appropriate language stimulation Or the parent may not speak to the child. It will cause children to lack skills in learning to speak. including not giving children the opportunity to speak or trying to talk, for example, parents do not have time to play or talk to their children, often turn on the television for the child to watch without any interaction, and when the child wants something Parents will pick it up immediately without waiting for him to try to sing or make noise.