3 ways to start lose weight easily by yourself

 Correct lose weight should start with diet and exercise. Even if there are people who know this, they still don’t know where to start. such as how to control the correct diet not eating dinner Refrain from fried food like this, is it right? Including what kind of exercise should we have?

     For those who weigh 90-100 kg or more, exercise may not be an ideal way to lose weight. because it may be easily injured whether it is knee or ankle If during this period we still can not exercise, let us turn to control food first. By diet control, which is an important step in starting to lose weight, there are 3 things that should be done as follows.

3 easy ways to lose weight yourself 

1. Reduce sugary drinks

     Sugary drinks that contain large amounts of sugar, such as soft drinks, sweetened beverages, iced tea, iced coffee, can cause hyperglycemia. And can cause the body to accumulate fat with it. Because sugar is a food that provides high energy. When the body does not burn this energy completely, it will be stored in the form of fat. But if we can reduce the consumption of sugar. The body will turn to extract energy from the stored fat to use. As a result, we can be thinner.

2. Reduce sweets

     As well as sweet drinks, desserts such as cakes, donuts or very sweet Thai desserts. It is considered a food that uses a large amount of sugar as an ingredient. which if we can reduce eating these foods down It can cause the body to pull out the stored fat. which in addition to having to reduce eating sweets We should also have to reduce the intake of sweet fruit as well. Because these fruits are high in sugar and can be converted to fat deposits. 

3. Reduce Carbs

     Carbohydrate or starchy foods such as rice, bread, noodles, pasta, whole grains and tubers such as taro, potatoes, pumpkin and corn. This type of food is classified as food that can be converted to sugar. Even if we are unable to exercise to burn off excess energy. Be careful when eating this type of food. We should limit the amount of food not to be too much, for example, limiting eating to no more than 3 scoops per day to prevent the body from taking too much carbs and turning it into fat. 

When we reduce the consumption of carbohydrates and foods that contain sugar already mixed with it. We should turn to eating more protein and green vegetables. To provide the body with enough nutrients and help keep us full for a long time. Being full for a long time will help reduce the desire to eat fussy snacks in another way.