3 Ways to Do Your “Makeup in the Summer”

Before Makeup in the Summer getting into the easy way to make clear makeup, let’s go over. To apply what kind of makeup and what makeup techniques can be applied to suit each person’s style?

Opt for a lightweight sunscreen.

Before you start makeup in addition to the serum or moisturizer used in normal skincare steps. Something that should not be forgotten and is absolutely indispensable, that is the sunscreen. Because UV light can damage the skin, dull and cause other skin problems to follow.

During summer like this, it is best to use a light sunscreen. No matter what skin type you have, it can be used, such as a gel sunscreen. Milk texture sunscreen applied and absorbed into the skin immediately sunscreen like this will also not be greasy during the day.

Set makeup with primer

Before makeup and foundation, girls should apply a primer every time. It is a greasy makeup technique and is a fundamental technique of any serious makeup application. Features of the primer in addition to helping to make the face smooth. Also helps control oiliness on the face as well

Use cushion, CC / DD cream as a makeup foundation.

How to make clear makeup to look more comfortable the key is using a lightweight foundation like cushion or CC and DD cream instead of foundation cream, a lightweight foundation will leave your skin feeling airy and less greasy in hot weather, but with good coverage.

If using cushions and still feel it Can slap more flour choose a light powder or loose powder to absorb the excess oil of other makeup. Because the heart of clear makeup for summer is that the less you do, the better, so makeup artists or makeup gurus do not recommend too tightly applying foundation or makeup products. Because it will make the face smoother easier And may cause a blockage later 

Use waterproof makeup

Makeup in the summer it is hot weather and sweat must have waterproof cosmetics or with waterproof and liquid waterproof properties, it is necessary because even without washing your face. But sweat from the body can wash off makeup. Or causing the makeup to fall out of its original state until an unsightly image. Mascara or eyebrow pencil waterproof or waterproof help solve the problem of greasy makeup to pile together to some extent.