How to Choose the Best “Foundation Makeup for Your Skin”

Cosmetics for girls, is a beloved couple items together, it’s not particularly “ foundation.” Assistant to create a smooth and clear face. It is considered essential that you girls love to make up can not live without it. That is good for yourself the face will be bright, good-looking with a gripping aura. 

Know Your Own Skin- Skin Type

It’s important that women know their skin and what type of skin you are, for example, if you are oily, combination or dry, in order to choose the right type of foundation. How about your skin type the most?

oily skin

should choose an Oil-Free. that has properties to reduce shine. Helps control


Oill and hide pores well . Combination skin should choose a foundation that moisturizes the skin well. And when applying that, focus on dry skin areas than

oily areas

Dry skin should choose a moisture. And a mixture of vitamins A and E and should be a light texture is ideal.

What Type of Foundation Makeup Best Suits Your Skin’s Needs

Cream Foundation 

Provides advanced concealment It is mostly popular with women because this type of foundation will help make the makeup look perfect. Often used for receptions Or make up photography, etc.

Liquid Foundation, 

This is a thinly concealed under a cream suit with a natural crystal dress everyday

Powder Foundation 

Only one cartridge is taken. Suitable for use during the day.

Choose a Base Color to Match Skin Tone.

Choosing a is not to be missed. It must depend on the selection of the color of the foundation to suit your skin tone. The principle is simple: choose the closest to your skin tone. Because it will make your face look natural, not gray, not floating, but if still unsure If you have fair skin Choose a color that is 1 level darker than the actual skin color, but if you have dark skin. Choose the closest to your skin, etc

Test The Foundation to be Sure

Before you buy If anyone is not sure about the shade of the foundation and the surface Recommended to test with real skin is the best. The test method is try to apply that on your face or cheeks. Smoothen And try to see if the foundation color matches your skin tone or not. This test method will give you the foundation that matches your real skin tone. However, you should not try on your hand skin color. Because the color of the face and hands may be different. May make you choose to miss it

Should Choose a Light Foundation. 

If any woman who does not want to have a problem with a thick face, floating face, or during the day, that is dropped and cracks. Should buy a lightweight. And has the ability to cover various traces well, in addition to not making the face look floating and thick It will also make your face look beautiful and natural.