“Makeup Trend 2021”, 9 Things You Need to Know

The last part of the year has arrived anyway. If in the past year any girl has the intention of making a makeover herself Both in terms of fashion and dressing Including make-up looks But it may not be successful yet. Well, let’s start again in the coming year. But the first thing that matters is that women have to figure out what makeup trend 2021 has to offer, and here are 9 essential things you need to know first if you don’t want to go out of fashion.

Color with the eyes With a fashionable colored eyeliner

Over the years we have been talking about the color trends of the eyeliner many times and in makeup trend 2021, the selection of colored eyeliner is back in again. No matter what color of eyes you have, it can contrast eyeliner color freely.

Brighten your eyes with Glossy Eyeshadow.

I believe that many times I have to make up during an emergency. The device is not ready, maybe it will need some fusion. With the introduction of lipstick to be some blush Some eyeshadow But for the 2021 makeup trends, this is your time. Because next year, the use of lip gloss To add color to the eyes Either you can use real lip gloss as a 2-in-1, or you can opt for cream eyeshadow as well.

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There is no denying that when it comes to the brand Fenty Beauty by Rihanna, the highlighter gloss highlight Shivering, must come According to the characters of the mother, Rihanna and the Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer  , lip gloss has colors that can be used to color the eyes to create a glossy eyeshadow look. Can be used with all skin tones as well.

The mouth is not strong, there is no force to walk!

According to that For girls who think they have a very insecure makeup skill. This trend is the answer to any problem. You need to have a smooth and bright facial skin first, because this is to reveal the natural smooth and clear skin. But adding a bright and striking with lipstick may be the texture Or satin texture has a clear focus on the color of the screen

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Because the makeup trend 2021 of applying ombre lipstick is on the rise, so don’t miss, we recommend that girls go to try D&G Beauty Passionlips. The design of the stick makes it easy for girls to be fascinated. The black bar has D & G’s signature gold pattern, while the lipstick is available in 16 shades, divided into 6 Sparkling colors and 6 Matte colors. in And apply Sparkling lipstick on the outside and use your fingers to gently blend

 This year, you only need to write a thin liner to enter.

Looking back on the model look on the runway, eyeliner was written in a different way. Some write in fancy style. Flick the tip of the eye high. Or a bold cat eye liner, but next year or 2021, the trend of thin eyeliner is coming If the girls do not choose a colorful eyeliner Because Luke was not confident enough. It can be trendy by using black to paint a thin line. Close to the lash line, drag the tail of the eye up in a chic style.

Exposing this natural bare skin to be

It has been a popular trend for many years. With natural makeup looks, this look takes a bit of time. Called to start preparing right now. Because makeup is Natural Looks requires good surface conditions. Choosing a good skin care product will answer

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LA PRAIRIE Platinum Rare Haute-Rejuvenation Cream

Launching the latest concentrated, nourishing deeper than ever before, because LA PRAIRIE Platinum Rare Haute-Rejuvenation Cream , a moisturizer that helps strengthen the skin’s protective barrier. Renew epidermal cells protection against external stress factors restore the cell environment increase the skin firmness and smoothness Rejuvenate the skin Strengthens the skin with Exclusive Cellular Complex and is also rich in pure and rare platinum for thousands of years. A wholesome stream of restoration begins within.

It’s here. This year, a hot pink blush.

Pink is here before, any girls who are used to using blush shades of orange, red, brown must be lighter first. Because this trend of blush color in 2021 must be pink only. No matter what shade of pink You can choose a match according to the skin color. Whether it’s cream, powder, powder, or shimmer, it’s trendy.

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Hot hit, top wind and even more HOURGLASS AMBIENT LIGHTING EDIT, the latest palette that brings together three best-selling shades of all time. With three new exclusive shades that combine everything in one palette: blush, bronzer, highlighter and finishing powder. Called one piece, beautiful, complete in every corner It also comes with “photoluminescent” technology that diffuses light in all directions for a radiant complexion from within.

Clear, full-bodied, plump lips with Satin Lips

Gloss may give a look that looks light and bright, the match gives it a sharp, aggressive look like a woman with high confidence. And for the sati meat This is the perfect combination. Because the satin texture has two distinctive features: pigmentation, lasting, and moisturizing.

Natural brushed eyebrows

I have to tell you more. That is the good fortune of a person with a lot of eyebrows Because of this strong eyebrow shape makeup trend 2021 is to beautify and shape and just use a light wax to get it in shape. By avoiding eyebrows It not only enhances the look of makeup without makeup. But still easy to do

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For girls who have a problem with thin eyebrows, Introducing Benefit Gimme Brow + brow-enhancing gel that contains microfiber microfibers that adhere to skin and eyebrows. Ready to create eyebrows that look thick and naturally sharp With a specially created tapered brush for easy application. Completely beautiful eyebrows, bang up as soon as you can see!

Smokey Eyes Party Girl Look

When it comes to Smokey Eyes makeup, it’s a familiar thing. But how many people will be able to dress up beautifully? Because next year, the brown tone smoky eye is coming.

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Charlotte Tilbury Easy Eye Palette Charlotte Darling

Like many girls Just when famous British cosmetics brand Charlotte Tilbury opened the first official counter in Thailand at Siam Paragon until it was called a little girl. Big ladies queue up to shop a lot and in 2021 we have to create a smokey eye look, so don’t miss out on introducing an excellent item, such as the Easy Eye Palette Charlotte Darling, a beautiful palette with deep pink tones. And have both matches and shimmer meat.