Techniques For Clear “Makeup Korean Style”

Today we have a simple technique to make it look clear and light, makeup Korean style. And the boys are extremely grateful to come and leave the girls together clear makeup reveals the skin, in addition to making women look younger It also reduces the factor of acne clogging from the use of too much cosmetics.

Key Look

Key Look of makeup that is lightly clear, Korean style. Is to apply a light color on the eyelids Does not accentuate the obvious cheek color. But gently blush the cheeks To see only with blood And lip color must not be intense Use natural looking colors. And the eyebrows are not dark Not too leech And this clear makeup is something that is really cute. And can also be dressed for any occasion from everyday makeup It is very easy to apply makeup to school or work.

Colors that girls should choose to use clear makeup.


Eyebrow color must match with my hair color. Can be darker or lighter, not more than 1 shade only and eyebrows should not be thick. Or too sharp Because it will make the eyebrows look leeches Look unnatural

Eyelid color

The shell color should emphasize natural colors such as pink, orange, peach, light brown, or natural nude tones. Girls can choose to use shimmer eyeshadow. To add prominence Sparkles to the eyelids.

Cheek color

A clear look should focus on a light blush. Not too dark. Because it will make it appear bold The color that should be used should be orange or light pink. Do not use a dark purple tone pink. That the color pigment is too tight And should not use a dark brown tone Because it will make your face look older than your age.

Lip color

If you want a super natural look, focus on clear pink, orange or light red. And the product that helps women get the most natural look is tint Use of lipstick Especially the matt texture Will not look natural

Step 1: Base Makeup Korean Style

Base Makeup that girls should use to make up this look is not to make the foundation surface look thick. And looks unnatural If a woman does not have wrinkles that must be covered Recommended to apply only skin conditioning base or CC cream. 

And followed by loose powder Or pressed powder is enough But if any woman has wrinkles, acne marks, redness or dark spots, it is recommended to use a BB cream. But when using a lightweight BB cream Then use the concealer to dab the wrinkles on the spot It is not recommended to continue applying the foundation powder after applying BB cream. Because it will make the face look too thick

Step 2: Natural eyebrows Korean Style

Eyebrows are an important organ on the face. Having beautiful eyebrows is considered a good fortune for women. But some people with thin eyebrows can be painted with a wide selection of cosmetics this minute. But more importantly, women have to protect eyebrows. In order to get a beautiful eyebrow shape first Items that women can choose from. There are eyebrow pencils. The eyebrow brush and the latest is a tattoo in the form of a gel pen That makes girls easily have beautiful eyebrows It also looks natural as well.

Step 3: lashes Korean Style

Clear makeup Girls do not need to apply eyeshadow at all. But to focus on brushing the eyelashes to look long Touchy, beautiful, natural To focus on the transparent mascara. Or brown for a natural look. Oh! .. Don’t forget to curl your eyelashes to get the most bouncy before applying mascara. Just as this is a beautiful pair of eyes that look naturally round.

Step 4: Clear Cheeks Korean Style

Blush to look clear. Pale pink Or light orange And should not brush too hard on the hand Because it will make the cheeks look rich Makes it look very dark makeup. Round enough to have a light color. Like this, it still looks cute.

Step 5: Nice lips to kiss Korean Style

To add color to the lips in Korean style, it focuses on the Ombre Style lips or gradient lips, sure enough. In addition to making your lips look beautiful and natural. Also makes the mouth look thinner as well The color chosen should be a natural looking color such as pink, orange or light red.


Making clear makeup looks easy. And it doesn’t take long Because girls do not have to be careful in applying eyeliner and applying foundation for every pore molecule. Don’t waste time And also get a beautiful, clear look as well