“Top 10 Cosmetic brands of 2021”

Cosmetic brands of 2021, we need to choose a quality product for us. For some girls who choose non-standard cosmetics, it can cause allergies, irritation and clogged acne. We have introduced the top 10 brands of cosmetics to introduce you to each other. Both high-end brands And a moderate price that is suitable for all girls.


L’Oréal cosmetics giant brand from France. Founded in 1909 by chemist  Eugene Schulair , L’Oréal is now the number one cosmetic industry leader in the world. L’Oréal is a brand loved by many young ladies for their excellent quality. And reasonable price L’Oréal also owns 23 global cosmetic brands, with sales of more than 17.5 billion euros.


Avon was born in 1886 by David H. McConnell. In the past, he was a Salesman and wanted to start his own company. Because he wanted to escape the monotony from newspaper sales Therefore began to sell own perfumes before Then there was the first independent distributor, Mrs. P.F.E. Try the market by knocking on the door at home. It was the first revolution in direct sales. After that, the Avon business began to gain more and more popularity. It has an income of up to 300,000 million baht and is the number one sales force in the world with branches in 100 countries around the world. And there is a campaign against breast cancer of the Avon Foundation as well.


French cosmetics founded in 1953 by founder Armand Pétijon,   with a vision to spread the spirit and taste of the French to the world. Lancome cosmetics are now the best products for women. There are also watch and skin products for men too. Lancome is available in 135 countries worldwide. And there are more than 130 beauty guides who convey the meaning of French excellence. Later, Lancome later became the L’oreal affiliate.


Cosmetic products of American origin Founded in 1968 by Estee Lauder and Joseph Lauder exclusively sold in luxury stores, Clinique is the same affiliate of cosmetics company Estee Lauder by dermatologist Dr. Norman Orientice. As of Manhattan, I have thought that “Good skin can be created.” The brand has created a three-step, 100% fragrance-free skin care product that is considered the first skin care product to market.


MAC cosmetics, also known as Professional cosmetics Make-up Arts Cosmetics was found in Toronto, Canada in 1984 by Frank Angelo and Frank Toskan, with more than 1,000 stores worldwide. Revenues of more than $ 33 million. MAC Cosmetics Meets. Professional needs And has been widely popular in the fashion industry They include makeup artists, models, photographers and more. Later in 1996, Estee Launder acquired Frank. Before Frank died during surgery in 1997.


P&G Skincare was born in the United States in 1952 under the name “Oil of Ulan” before becoming the current “Olay” and has become the market leader in replacement facial products. Nands “of Unilever With a combined market share of more than 34% from a total market value of 6,400 million baht, Olay has started expanding into the world. And aimed at young customers aged 24-30 under the slogan Anti-Aging along with elevating the level of luxury skin care at an affordable price.


Nationality skin care products Sweden was launched in 1967 by brothers Jonas Afjornick, Robert Afjornick, and their friend, Benjet Hellstein, together to present the product group. This natural beauty comes up. By selecting natural extracts from plants. That are rare and can occur naturally Oriflame has exported its products to more than 60 countries around the world. Through 2.9 million independent business consultants worldwide and generated sales of up to € 450 million.