Discover the Color-Changing Effects of Nail Polish

Although I haven’t visited a nail salon in over a year (!!), I’ve managed to experiment with more polish shades, designs. This month alone, I’ve sported colored tips, ombré patterns.

The name’s thermal nail polish, and color changing is its ufabet game. Similar to mood rings, thermal polish transitions between shades based on body temperature, environment, and activity.

Discover the Color-Changing Effects of Thermal Nail Polish

I spoke with Cirque Colors founder Annie Pham about the brand’s thermal polish offerings to uncover how the formula works.

For example, the polish shade Luna (pictured) features violet and turquoise shades. When exposed to warmth, the polish turns turquoise. When cold, the shade transforms into violet.

In addition to transitions between these two solid colors, wearers will also see a decorative combination of these two shades reflected on their nails at the same time.

Nail length plays a key role in color distribution, yielding a variety of unexpected patterns that shift each time you look at your fingertips. One of my favorite effects is the colored tip design, where one color is perfectly concentrated on the tips of the fingernails and the other shade fills in the nail beds.

Another mesmerizing design occurs when colorful tips transition into an ombré design, the possibilities are ever-changing.

If you’re ready to dip into thermal polish, apply the formula the same way you would your regular polish.

“First start with a base coat, then apply two to three coats of polish and finish with a top coat,” Pham recommends. “Generally, the base and top coat layers are thin enough where it doesn’t impact the color-changing properties.”

Check out the latest Thermal Nail Polish from Cirque Colors for scorching looks to wear during the coming sunny months.