Why Skin Needs a Good Serum? “Face Serum”

Product that has piqued the most interest and become truly embedded as a skincare staple is Face Serum. Light enough to layer under moisturiser both day and night, serums are packed with a high concentration of active ingredients that deliver vitamins and nutrients to the skin for a powerful targeted boost.

Why should I use a Face Serum?

1.Give better results

Using a good serum Will see results only when used consecutively for a period of time In choosing that serum You should choose a product that is extracted from nature. Containing antioxidants like vitamin C to help fight wrinkles and hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid itself.

2. Age has no restrictions

If you start exercising at the age of 20 on a regular basis, of course. Your body will be healthy. And skin care as well If you start nourishing in your early 20s, a nourishing cream will protect you from wrinkles. Before the crow’s feet come to your face.
Your facial skin will be kept soft and moisturized. And does not damage your skin for the worse If you start nourishing from today. And choose a nourishing cream that is effective enough

3. Answers to your skin problems.

Even moisturizer And facial cleanser It will nourish the skin to moisturize and care for your skin each day. Choosing a product that matches your skin problems such as anti-aging or acne-related problems. Will help solve your facial skin problems better.

Little trick That will help you use the face serum even better

1.Apply the face serum on damp skin:

We should apply a serum. After the back and wipe it clean immediately because our face will absorb the cream better than when the skin is completely dry.

2.Use hands:

We should warm the cream with the palm of your hand. Before using your fingers to wipe the surface label Because the ingredients in the cream work better

3. Less is more:

Due to the clear face serum Or some kind of concentrated nourishing cream Using a little cream Is enough And using too much may make it face And can cause stains

4. Wait for serum to seep:

It is very important that you wait for the serum to absorb onto your face. By leaving for a few minutes, about 5 minutes before the next step.