Total 5 “skin care”, “clear skin” Korean idol style

Anyong. Ladies, if you want to have clear skin like an idol. The more popular skin care that idols recommend, such as Lisa, Blackpink, Suho, and EXO ‘s Chanyeol, you must have a great skin care . Today we are going to update 10 Korean skin care products that are worth a try.

Brother Joon ANUA Heartleaf 77% Soothing Toner

Joon hyung or EXO’s Suho, the same good person, an additional toner that Jun hyung recommended. Now, I can’t really bang. I used to review the toner P’Jun or ANUA Heartleaf 77% Soothing Toner already filled in. You can read it here, but let’s emphasize the goodness of Rama VIII a little more.

ANUA toner is suitable for hot weather, anyone who is suffering from acne problem because the mask must supply ANUA toner . The rash is all over. Gentle ingredients suitable for sensitive skin. Then he is a liquid water used as the first step after washing your face. Help replenish water to keep the skin moist. Reduce irritation Smoother skin Recommend to use it regularly in the morning and evening to get a clear face to get P’Jun out of the Department.

Acne Reduction Serum CURESYS Trouble Clear Serum

A super acne reduction serum this minute. Value that human acne deserves This one, we have already reviewed a lot as well. Follow along to read the review here. CURESYS serum is suitable for acne-prone skin. Girls with sensitive skin, sensitive skin, large pores and acne repeatedly until the pain of the body must be managed

Acne vulgaris, comedones, inflamed acne, redness and broken face . CURESYS Serum will help restore the skin to be healthy. Overall, the skin will improve within 14 days! And more importantly, it will help reduce the chance of recurring acne with water. Say goodbye to acne, baby.

Foam Lisa Moonshot Blackpink the Perfect the Cleansing foam

How you like that Maine , Lisa Blackpink this way all the cleansers Moonshot the Perfect the Cleansing foam soft phones is likely to Alice from seeing Lisa Luke tender. So cute, good for your heart> <Link who wants clear skin, Lisa style You have to take care of your skin since the cleaning step.

Foam Moonshot the Perfect the Cleansing foam texture foam bubbles, fine foam can strike up a cake shaped like Lisa now. When touching the face, it becomes extremely soft and smooth, plus a lot of friction when washing your face.

MOONSHOT facial foam cleans the face thoroughly. But wash your face and the skin is not dry Because he contains Hyaluronic acid, the skin will remain moist. While helping to balance the skin’s PH value and gently exfoliate dead skin cells Get a beautiful, clear skin like Lisa Blackpink. 

Dry face recovery cream BENESTEM Human CBM Cream

Pamper women with dry, flaky skin. With BENESTEM Human CBM Cream , this moisturizer is said to be the most hydrated. Because he said it was hydrated for 100 hours

But do not be afraid that the cream will be heavy on the skin Very sticky. BENESTEM cream is milk. Blends very easily We recommend that you use it only at night, which is more suitable for hot weather. In addition to adding moisture to the skin to heal dry, full and full, it also helps reduce irritation. Reduce wrinkles Helps brighten the skin with water.

Essence whitening NACIFIC phyto niacin Essense of Whitening.

Essence NACIFIC Phyto Niacin Whitening Essense helps brighten the skin, say goodbye to acne scars, black spots with the main ingredients like Niacinamide and vitamin C derivative.

Apply to the skin and absorb immediately. Does not leave a sticky residue. But touches the skin and becomes smooth, soft and moisturized Essence for white skin, NACIFIC, colorless, odorless, is a whitening that is easy to use. Be gentle with Men , EXO’s Chanyeol, who wants to have clear and smooth skin like Chanyeol must be organized.