The Skin Care Trends That Derms Are Urging You To Leave In 2020

Like clockwork, the beginning of a new year results in another laundry list of skin care trends anticipated to dominate. This year, however, looks a little different — but that was to be expect.

As 2020 brought many regimens, both at-home and professional, to a sudden and screeching halt, the best 2021 skin care trends look a lot more like a return to the basics.  The trends you’ll be seeing this year for near-perfect skin are focused on prevention.

2021 Skin Care Trends: A Return To In-Office Treatments

“I do believe that business will pick up for in-office treatments,” Peredo says. “There has actually be an un uptick in interest in cosmetic treatments, like neck services and Botox, during the pandemic. People are constantly looking at themselves on Zoom and are noticing little tweaks that they want to make to their appearance beauty

2021 Skin Trends: All-In-One Skin Cares

“Throughout the pandemic, people have been spending a lot more time cleaning up their skin care routines,” Peredo says. “In 2021, I believe that people will want easy, quick skin care regimes that utilize a few products that contain a high concentration of powerful ingredients. All-in-one products will be extra popular.”

2021 Skin Trends: Preventative Skin Cares

I have been especially focused in preventative care, specifically around the eyes and forehead. People are realizing that the neck is just as important as the face. It’s one of the first signs of aging and requires just as much attention.